Classic Beurre Blanc

A good cook must always have a few quick go-to sauces in their repertoire. For some that might mean a simple cheese or tomato sauce, but if you're looking for something decadent and delicious, a beurre blanc sauce is exactly what you need. This butter-based sauce is thick, creamy, and velvety — and isn't as complicated to make as you might think.

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A beurre blanc or white butter sauce is an emulsified sauce that pairs perfectly with fish, vegetables, or chicken. There are a few tricks, however, to whipping up this sauce. First off, you need to get the emulsification just right. An emulsion is two liquids that are held together, but that don't normally mix (like oil and vinegar). In a beurre blanc sauce, cubes of butter are whisked into a vinegar-wine mixture until the ingredients form one stable emulsion that won't separate. The trick is to slowly but vigorously whisk in the butter, making sure that each addition is incorporated before adding more. Also, use cold butter as that helps to keep the emulsion from breaking.  

Another tip to making a delicious beurre blanc is to use a good white wine. Try using a chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, or even a sparkling wine. A good rule of thumb is that any white wine that you would drink is suitable to cook with.  

So, next time you need to whip up a quick sauce to elevate a simple seafood dish, try making this beurre blanc sauce. It will dazzle your guests, but make sure to prepare extra because they will come back for seconds (or thirds).

Emily Jacobs is the Recipe editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @EmilyRecipes.