How To Make Amy's Bread Recipe

How To Make Amy's Bread Recipe
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At Amy’s Bread we make our crusty rectangles of Rustic Italian bread in two sizes, as well as long skinny Filone and Country White Boules. This white bread with an airy open crumb is our version of ciabatta bread. We love it because it has so much versatility. It can be cut into flat rectangle-shaped loaves of varying sizes that are more crust than crumb, or into long chewy breadsticks covered in sesame, poppy and dill seeds and salt. With the addition of Picholine (green) olives, it can be made into Amy’s delicious Picholine Olive Bread. Spread it on a sheet pan and top it with fresh tomatoes, basil, Parmesan, and fresh mozzarella for a simple pizza. Add toasted walnut halves or pieces to the dough for flavorful walnut bread that goes great with cheese. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.  This is a very wet dough that develops much of its strength and elasticity while it proofs in the bowl after being mixed. It takes practice to get used to handling and shaping dough this wet, but with a little persistence you’ll soon be an expert and will want to use this recipe again and again.  Click here to see the How to Make Amy's Bread Slideshow. Adapted from "Amy's Bread, Revised and Updated" by Amy Scherber, Toy Kim Dupree, and Aimee Herring
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