How To Host A TV Viewing Party

Last night we said farewell to our beloved Gossip Girl, the show that pushed boundaries and broke hearts, and — spoiler alert — the finale was amazing.

Take a cue from us on how to host a TV viewing party!

But before Chuck and Blair got hitched, before we found out who Gossip Girl really is, and way before little Henry Bass was even a thought, we decided that in order to honor the show properly, we had to give it a proper swan song — with a classic Upper East Side party.

Alas, we thought to look no further than The New York Palace Hotel, home to some of the best moments on Gossip Girl. It was here, amid the scenic view of Manhattan's lights from our 43rd floor suite, that our series finale soirée kicked off.

As the landmark hotel is currently going under renovations, we were treated to one of its newest rooms in The Towers, where the word elegance doesn't even begin to describe the décor. It could give the Bass' townhouse a run for its money if you ask us.

Now that the scene was set, we had to think about the important details: the attire, the menu, and the cocktails. Seeing as how this was a themed party around one specific show, we wanted to be as authentic to the characters as we could, as you should with any show when hosting a viewing party.

Stick to the location, the character's likes, and past episodes for reference — the rest will follow! XOXO.