How-To: Host A TV Series Party

When I was a little girl, my family used to look forward to TGIF (Thank Goodness It's Friday) night. TGIF night consisted of the weekly lineup of shows on ABC, frozen pizza, and sometimes a few games. It was a great way for my family to share quality time together at the end of a busy week, and I'll never forget how much fun we had laughing and playing together.

Now that I'm an adult, I still love watching my favorite TV shows with the people I care about, but with a little more sophistication than a frozen pizza. (Although I'm not ashamed to say that sometimes there's nothing better than an old-school frozen pizza and a glass of milk.) There are so many shows that can provide inspiration for a fabulous party — Mad Men, Glee, The Good Wife, and Brothers and Sisters, just to name a few. Wondering how some of these shows might translate to a theme party? Here are a few tips for drawing inspiration from your favorite TV show and channeling it into a fantastic gathering that your guests will adore.

Take a Cue From the Time Period
Shows that are set in a particular time period, like Mad Men, are a perfect muse for creating a party menu. Even if the food from that era leaves, well, something to be desired, you can get creative and step up the dishes a bit, with an eye on ingredients, preparation, or presentation. Cocktails can be a lot of fun, too, and there is always something period-appropriate to make your party a little more fun.

Look to Location for Inspiration
Shows like The Good Wife, for example, which is set in Chicago, provide lots of food ideas to jump-start your party menu. Every city, state, and country has plenty of emblematic food options to work with — think Chicago-style hot dogs or pizza, New York-style bagels, Boston-style clam chowder — the possibilities are endless!

Rachael White, Menuism
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