How To Host A Perfect 'Mad Men' Party

The long wait is nearly over — AMC's Mad Men is finally returning Sunday, April 7. While we won't divulge any spoilers, it's safe to say things for Don Draper are going to get really interesting in season six, especially after a doozy of a cliff-hanger last season. To get yourself up to speed for the premiere, head here

We love a good themed party and what's even better? A great TV viewing party, so we're channeling our inner mod self and heading back to the '60s.

Mary Giuliani, celebrity event planner and entertaining expert extraordinaire, has us covered. She created a foolproof guide for what to serve, sip, and give out at your Mad Men bash.

So ladies, get your bouffant going and throw on a shift dress, and for you gentleman, don some fedoras, cigarettes, and a seriously sharp suit and enjoy another season of Don Draper and company with the help these great ideas from Mary Giuliani.

Menu Ideas:

Instead Of...
• Deviled Eggs — Mini Quail Eggs with Flavored Salts

• Pigs in a Blanket — Skinny Pigs with Turkey Apple Sausage

• Smoked Salmon on Brown Bread with Capers — Salmon Tartar on Plantain Crisps

• Stuffed Mushroom Caps — Wild Mushroom Ragù in Parmesan Nests

• Cheese Puffs — Mini Grilled Cheese

• Mini Meatloaf Bites — Filet of Beef on Potato Crisp with Ketchup

• Mini Quiche Loraine's — Mini Chicken Pot Pies

• Shrimp Cocktail — Tequila Marinated Shrimp with Mango Chutney

• Tuna on Cucumber — Mini Tuna Tacos with Guacamole & Chipotle 

Buffet Ideas:

Warhol Tomato Soup Bar: Customize soup cans by wrapping them in custom canvas picturing Women's Wear Daily Soup Cans in a Warhol-esque style. Serve shots of roasted tomato soup with a selection of classic American, cheddar, and bacon and truffle mini grilled cheeses.

Retro Trader Vic's Pu Pu Platter: Provide a large-scale round table divided in sections for guests to graze around and have that shared pu pu platter experience. Serve spare-rib tidbits, shrimp toast, mini egg rolls, beef and chicken Skewers, assorted dips, sweet-and-sour sauce and hot mustards.

Signature Cocktails: Serve drinks on bar carts with liquor in decanters alongside diet and regular glass Coke bottles with long red straws.

Favors: Make your own desktop mini bars as give-away gifts.