How to Host the Perfect BBQ Party

Summer is in full swing and that means barbecues all across the country are being lit to produce some beautiful food

Summer is in full swing and that means barbecues all across the country are being lit to produce some beautiful food. While it can be easy to fall back on the typical hamburgers, hot dogs, and brats, this is a great time of year to explore more interesting ways to put your grill to work and use it as a central entertaining piece. From Argentina to Japan, countries across the globe provide the inspiration needed to host a fantastic BBQ party with delicious eats. Here are a few tips to make your next BBQ a success!

• Go International. With a little research, you can find endless possibilities for the grill inspired by countries all over the world. Chimichurri sauce, made up of herbs like parsley and oregano, is an easy way to dress up grilled steak, chicken or fish. Whip up a dry rub with lots of Spanish paprika, dried herbs, garlic, salt and pepper to reflect the flavors of Spain. To create a Japanese feel, make your own yakitori using bamboo skewers to grill cubed chicken with a tasty teriyaki sauce with a side of easy Japanese pickles.

• Create Variety. Mix things up by having two or three different grills featured at your party. For example, ask your guests if they have a hibachi grill they could bring along for your Japanese skewers. Having just one grill that is unique in comparison to the typical gas or charcoal grills found in every backyard in the U.S. can add a fun spin to your party. Of course it may be difficult to man multiple grills and host a party at the same time, so use your guests’ grilling know-how to your advantage rather than burdening yourself.

• Beverages on Display. If the weather agrees with you, make your backyard festive by displaying beverages in big galvanized tubs filled with ice. Inexpensive tubs can be easily found at hardware stores and add a rustic appeal to any outdoor party. Using mason jars for premixed drinks, lemonade or iced tea (seen here) is a beautiful alternative to glasses or bottles. Label the lids using a Sharpie so the writing doesn’t run off in the ice.

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Rachael White, Menuism