How to Host a Catered Dinner Party

Dining out with eight is costly and cumbersome; why not hire a private chef and dine at home?


I get together with friends on a regular basis. While we often go out to dinner, a friend recently suggested we hire a private chef to come to her house and cook for us. It sounded like a fabulous idea, albeit an extravagant one. Worries aside, we hired Michelle Baker, formerly of A Voce in New York City, to prepare a four-course, Italian-inspired meal.


It's Cost-Effective

When you have a large enough group (like four couples), dining out can be costly. That's why hiring a private chef is so great. Our home-cooked dinner for eight, including groceries, was much less expensive than going to a restaurant equal to our chef’s skills.


Interact With Your Chef (and Learn Something)

Hiring a private chef not only saves a few dollars; it also adds a lavish feel to any party. Then there’s the added benefit of seeing your chef at work. It’s like sitting at the exclusive chef’s table, but in the comfort of someone’s home. And, you get the chance to learn something. Watching Baker and her friend, pastry chef Anna Broussard, prep the meal, we naturally took away a tip or two.


Forget the Stress: Enjoy Your Own Party

Where I might have been sweating and frazzled over the cooking, our chefs worked cleanly and efficiently. They took their time preparing mise-en-place, French for having everything in place. No forgotten ingredients, or last-minute chopping — every host or hostess’ nightmare.

Hosting a private chef-catered dinner still requires the usual house-cleaning and table setting, but once that initial preparation is over, you and your guests or co-conspirators are able to relax and enjoy an expertly prepared meal at a leisurely pace with all the comforts of home.


Want to host a catered dinner party in your own home? 

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