How to Have an Allergy-Free Thanksgiving

Find out how to prevent allergies this holiday

Follow these easy tips to keep allergies under control.

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to get together — and that means there are many different people in the kitchen preparing the food. Having many different hands making dinner can often be a bit unnerving for someone with food allergies, so we’ve rounded up some useful tips for avoiding common food allergies during the holidays.

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To someone with allergies, "pass the gravy" may mean "pass the dairy, gluten, corn, and soybean." It’s important to know what ingredients are in your food, especially if someone else is cooking. Follow these tips and make sure to ask the cook what ingredients are in each holiday menu item.

To be extra-safe and ensure an allergy-free holiday, give your recipes to the cook ahead of time or make your menu items and bring them. Chances are if you bring a gluten-free pie to the holiday dinner, nobody will even be able to tell the difference and you’ll be able to enjoy dessert.

We’ve created a list of some holiday favorites that might have hidden allergies. We recommend following these tips in order to be allergy-free and have a safe (and delicious) holiday.

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