How to Get on Chopped if You’re Not Famous

Become a contestant on Food Network’s Chopped

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Think you have what it takes? Sign up to be a contestant on Food Network’s competitive cooking show, Chopped.

Sign Up. You can’t get on the show if you don’t sign up. Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook, you have a shot at making it on the show.
Sign up to appear on Food Network's Chopped.
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Turn a negative into a positive. If you need the prize money to save your failing restaurant, say so on your application -- you’ll already be a step ahead of the curve.
Sign up for Chopped if you're a failing restaurant owner.
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Get on a special episode. Food Network films several special episodes per season. They’re looking for teens, educators, pastry specialists, civil servants, religious leaders, moms, dads, and grandparents.
Home cooks can sign up for Chopped special episodes.
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Have a good story. If you don’t fit into the categories mentioned above, dig deeper. How did you get into cooking? What are you going to use the prize money for? The best stories will tug at the judge’s heartstrings, and make them use up a box of tissues while you tell it.
Tell a heartwarming story about you and food to get on the show.
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Cook your heart out. You have to be cool under pressure and able to think quickly on your feet to make it on Chopped.
You have to be a great cook to get on Chopped.
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