How to Find the Perfect Party Favor

To splurge or save? Lara Shriftman shares her tips for finding the best take-home gift

Even on the tightest of budgets, there are some things that are worth splurging on when it comes to party planning while other things can be done simply and inexpensively. Here are some expert ideas for putting together fabulous favors comparable to the five-star swag given out at big Hollywood bashes without breaking the bank. Party queen Lara Shriftman thinks outside the gift box and brings you her top five splurge or steal ideas for memorable party favors that are sure to impress guests regardless of your budget size. Check out Lara’s list and make the decision: splurge or steal?


What to Consider

Purchasing party favors shouldn't be part of the planning checklist you struggle with, but oftentimes it is. Finding a small gift that works within your budget, makes a statement and proves of value to your guests in some way isn't easy. Follow the tips here to help make your favor purchase:

• Think of party favors in relation to your theme.

• Personalized party favors serve as great reminders for guests about the fun time they had at your party.

• Customize your party favors that relate to the theme of your party.

• Find anything that exemplifies the color you've selected; for example, if your signature color is white, a bag filled with vanilla votive candles, stationary, a bottle of white wine, and mints would be perfect.

• Create a gift bag centered on a featured product. If the product is too expensive, then give something else from the same brand, like a gift certificate.


When to Save

Remember, your party favors don't have to be costly. Here are a few quick and easy ideas for fun party favors that your guests will love:

• Bake cookies. Buy clear cellophane bags from a local market, place your cookies in the bags, and then tie them closed with an attractive piece of ribbon. If you want to customize the bags, print out labels on your computer that coincide with the theme of your party.

• Customized water bottles are always a great option for party favors. Not only do they serve a practical function for your guests, but since they are reusable, they serve as reminders of your party after it is over.