How To Eat The 5 Messiest (And Best) Date Foods Like A Lady

There may not be a more common date activity than going out for a bite to eat. So how funny is it that what you choose to order and how you're going to look eating it can be such a cause of distress?

Try your ladylike manners on these foods!

Is it going to get stuck in my teeth? Will it make my breath smell bad? Am I going to look like a fatty? What if it spills on my outfit?

Really, this is not where your focus should be on a date. Better to concentrate on getting to know the person sitting across from you at the table, and he you... including your love of bacon cheeseburgers. (Besides, if you order what you want and the date's a bust, at least you'll enjoy the meal.)

Nevertheless, here are some pointers for how to better approach five "tricky" date foods.

Maryse Chevriere, How About We 

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