How To Deliver The Perfect Toast

Adding a toast during a dinner with friends, at family celebrations, or to mark a special occasion is a great way to commemorate the festivities and those in attendance. Toasts are typically incorporated into special events like engagement parties, weddings, and funerals, however adding a toast to a simple evening with friends can turn your night into a meaningful one by adding a few poignant words. 

Delivering the perfect toast is easier said than done. Follow these simple suggestions for delivering a memorable toast with little effort.

6 Tips for Planning the Perfect Toast

1. Keep your toast short, simple, and to the point.

2. Focus on the recipient, not yourself. This is your moment to ensure they shine in the best light.

3. State the obvious and mention the person you are toasting by name and your relationship to them. 

4. If you are delivering a toast to more than one person, give each recipient equal time in your speech. 

5. Interject humor by sharing one or two anecdotes about the recipient. The perfect toast should make everyone laugh, and where appropriate, cry.

6. If this is a formal toast, practice in front of the mirror and try to leave the note cards at home — a great toast is delivered from the heart. 


Before the Toast

Timing is everything. Before delivering your toast, limit your alcohol consumption. Don't begin the toast until everyone has a full glass and your complete attention. 


Giving the Toast

As the person delivering the toast, you should:

• Stand up

• Make eye contact

• Raise your glass in your right hand

• Speak slowly and clearly

• When raising your glass, make your toast specific and clear.

• End on a high note! For example: "To the (person's name or reason celebrating)!" or "To the perfect toast!" 


What to Toast With

Toasts can be offered with Champagne, wine, a mixed drink, or a mocktail — however not with tea, coffee, water, or... Gasp! An empty glass.

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