How to Cure a Hangover

We've compiled a substantial list of all the ways you can cure your raging hangover come New Year's Day

Happy New Year! We figured all of you would be out having a blast tonight, but obviously tomorrow morning will be a different story. So here it is, every way we can think of to cure a hangover (other than the standard burger/water/aspirin routine).

Recent news highlights the new medical ways to get over the headaches and nausea, including an FDA-approved hangover pill courtesy of Blowfish, which the NY Times claims can be delivered within an hour for Manhattanites from

We're not too sure if Blowfish is operating Sunday, though, so your best bet may be Bytox, a hangover patch that is available at New York City bodegas and in the minibars of Manhattan's Gansevoort hotels (also available online).

Of course, for those of us who didn't plan ahead, there's always the burnt toast and reflexology route that lifestyle writer Joanna Goddard recommends.

Or take a look at our massive archive of chefs, bartenders, and other experts' tricks for getting rid a hangover. Perhaps it's best to pre-plan and look these over (and listen to this warning against drunk walking — more dangerous than drunk driving!) before you head out tonight.

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