How to Create a Napkin Rose

Add (seemingly) effortless elegance to your dinner party

The elegant napkin rose for your party.

How does one add simple elegance to a dinner party? It is a strategic art putting out an effort to make it seem like you’re hardly putting out an effort at all. At your next night-time get together, after you prepare the extensive tasteful menu and dim the lights, consider grabbing your plain, square napkins and transforming them into something much, much more—roses. Once your guests arrive, they will be immediately impressed with your hosting charm, without having even tasted the food- instantly setting a pleasant and comfortable mood.
Although it may seem difficult, check out this quick and clear step-by-step video , and you’ll impress your guests left and right in no time while bursting with pride. Rarely seen today unless you’re on a cruise ship or a fine restaurant, napkin roses display that art is not just for food or wall décor- it can be anywhere, and it can be easy.