How to Create a Julep Bar for Derby Day

You’ve got your hat — now where’s your drink?

Between the Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo, we’re in full celebration mode over here at The Daily Meal.

Right now we want to talk about juleps — and not just the classic mint julep. With the help of Southern Living, we're showing you how to make a variety of drinks. Their newest cookbook, Feel Good Food, has a great festive way to add a little twist to your Derby Day celebrations — by setting up a julep bar. With assorted flavored syrups like grapefruit-honey and peach-basil, this will help you take the classic to the next level.

Creating a julep bar takes a bit more effort than simply putting together a home bar. Once you whip up the various syrups, you’ll be set to make great cocktails fit for watching the races at home. We have detailed the recipe for a mint julep as well as four variations below, but the blends would also make a wonderful nonalcoholic spritzer by omitting the bourbon and adding club soda to the mix.

As for serving ware, we’ve got trendy tumblers, perfect pitchers, and a handful of punch bowls if you decide to make big-batch juleps!

Check out the Derby Julep Recipe along with the syrups.