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Poblano Pepper
Will Budiaman

Poblano Pepper

Knowing how to char a pepper is an essential life skill, right up there with knowing how to drive, make small talk, and tie one's shoes. OK, maybe not quite that essential — but it is a useful skill to have as part of one's cooking repertoire.

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We chose to char a poblano pepper. Why would you want to char a poblano pepper? Because the skin is tough and doesn't make for very good eating, that's why, and charring it is one of the easiest ways to remove it. Charring a poblano pepper also brings out smoky, savory flavors in addition to turning up the heat.

Once the skins are charred and slipped off, you can chop or slice up the pepper and use it to add some spiciness to your favorite Mexican-inspired dishes, such as salsas, guacamole, quesadillas, fajitas, enchiladas, burritos, and tacos. Or, use it to add a new dimension to a lazy Sunday brunch at home — work it into your favorite scrambles, frittatas, omelettes, or home fries. And, of course, use them to impart a pleasant background heat to your guilty pleasures, such as burgers, chili, and mac and cheese. Once you start, you'll be hooked.

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