How to Celebrate World Oceans Day

A menu of dishes from the sea for celebrating the water all through the weekend


You love lobster and to swim in the ocean. So how are you celebrating World Oceans Day on June 8th? Established in 1992, the mini holiday was established to build awareness of how important these bodies of water are. They help provide the oxygen we breathe, clean the water we drink, and moderate our climate. Of course, they also provide us with an abundance of many different kinds of fish and shellfish to eat!

In honor of the day, we’re kicking off a celebration that will last through the weekend, starting with a menu packed with smart, healthy recipes straight from the sea. But before you head out to your local market or fishmonger, be sure to take our advice on what kinds of fish you should be purchasing and which you should avoid. 

Live near the sea? Get together with friends or family for a walk along the water this weekend to pick up trash that might otherwise be washed out to sea. Land-locked? Head to your nearest river or lake for a clean-up walk — remember these bodies of water all do flow to the sea. After you've worked up an appetite, head back home with friends to enjoy some of these mouth-watering dishes, served up on ocean-themed plates or a fish-shaped bowl. Set the table with an ocean-blue tablecloth and scatter shells and sand around small votive candles to set the scene. Just be sure to read one star chef’s secrets for cooking fish first!


Cabbage and Seaweed Coleslaw

While incorporating seaweed in your salad isn’t customary in the U.S., these sea vegatbles have been used for hundreds of years in other cultures around the world. Can't find seaweed in your market? A variety of quality sea vegetables are available by mail from Maine Coast Sea Vegetables


Jennie’s Fish Tacos

These are easy to make and fun for guests to assemble. When shopping, be sure to choose something sustainablelike mahi-mahi, halibut, or another white fish. Serve along with fruit salsas, guacamole, diced tomatoes and peppers, sour cream… whatever you desire!


Poached Salmon

This simple dish serves a crowd and can be made and refrigerated in advance. Look for wild Alaskan salmon when at the market. The next day, use the leftover cooked fish like you might tuna for a salmon salad sandwich, or let it shine as the star of a niçoise salad.


Salmon Tartare

When it’s too hot to cook, or you can’t resist cooking that beautiful piece of wild Alaskan salmon, a tartare is just the thing to try.


“Devilish” Shrimp

An unexpected alternative to plain deviled eggs that makes for a tasty complement to a dark and stormy or glass of sangria.


Coconut-Curry Mussels

Don’t forget the bivalves, too! These delicious and easy-to-prepare mussels are great to make for a crowd but also suitable for an exotic date night menu, too.


Clams Casino

A classic appetizer from restaurateur Michael McCarty that never seems to go out of fashion.