How to Butcher a Duck

For all you hunters out there, learn how to butcher a duck and utilize all parts of the animal in your cooking
How to Butcher a Duck

Robert Wiedmaier of Marcel's in Washington, D.C. shows you how to butcher a duck that you've hunted, utilizing every part of the animal


So you love to go out hunting. But when you bring home a whole animal, what is the best way to make the most out of your kill?

In the video above, executive chef and owner Robert Wiedmaier of Marcel’s by Robert Wiedmaier in Washington, D.C. demonstrates how to butcher a duck. The steps include removing the feathers, then moves through burning off excess feathers, butchering the duck, and plating a pair of delicious dishes that showcase how to utilize the whole bird. Wiedmaier also shares his thoughts on the best vegetables and sauce to complement the duck.

Wiedmaier is an avid hunter, and though he cannot serve animals he kills in his restaurant for regulatory reasons, he serves them at parties and says that his friends all enjoy the fresh duck. Wiedmaier also explains how to freeze the parts of duck to ensure the most freshness to keep your great, home-caught meals flowing long past hunting season.


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