Houses Where We Wish We Could Trick-Or-Treat

Those that are obsessed with Halloween are almost ritualistic about the holiday. Every year, they cuddle up for their favorite Halloween movie, make a pilgrimage to the pumpkin patch, and host one heck of a pumpkin-carving party. Halloween fanatics always have the best spooky Halloween treats and a proven track record of successful Halloween parties. Halloween is a momentous occasion, and the most prominent way a Halloween lover honors it is through decking out the family home with elaborate — and often spooky — decoration.

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We've seen some pretty impressive Halloween decór in our day. From elaborately carved pumpkins to simple, but transformative decoration ideas, each Halloween we are consistently impressed by the creativity and trends surrounding this holiday. Heck, we even fancied ourselves with thinking we knew a thing or two about showing you how to make fabulous decorations for Halloween. And then we saw these houses.

These homes go above and beyond the seasonal call of duty to make the ultimate Halloween decorations happen. These homeowners pull out all of the stops. Not only do they borrow inspirations from your very worst nightmares, they thought up elaborate themes and built major towering constructions to give trick-or-treaters the scare of their lifetime. One can only assume that houses that put so much effort into their homes must give out some great candy. Check out some of the coolest Halloween houses we could find.

Creepy Mannequins​

This overload of decorations, dubbed the "Halloween Griswolds" in reference to the popular Christmas film Christmas Vacation, is sure to be decked out with plenty of trick-or-treat ready loot.

Dracula’s HouseSanta Monica, California home

This appears to have been taken over by Dracula and friends, but don't let the spooky cobwebs and large vampire scare you off from the sure-to-be hefty candy reward waiting at the door.


Originally published on October 8, 2014.