Hotel Offers Custard, Cherry, and Jam Facials

It sounds so delicious, but why would you put it on your face?
Custard, Cherries, and Raspberry Jam Facial | Beauty

Say you buy a beautiful Manchester tart during your next bakery visit, but instead of actually devouring the tart with a cup of tea immediately, you smear that treat on your face. Well, one hotel spa is planning to do just that.

The Daily Mail reports that the Macdonald Manchester Hotel and Spa is launching a Manchester tart facial next month, using the components of the raspberry jam, custard, coconut, and maraschino cherry tart for beauty.

According to the Daily Mail, beauticians claim that these ingredients are naturally beneficial to your skin; "apple custard is high in vitamins A and C, which is known to help eliminate free radicals and keep skin healthy," the Daily Mail writes. Coconut is usually used to moisturize, while cherry purportedly helps remove dead skin cells. 


The full facial is some £45 (about $69), and while a tart might only run about $10, we imagine a basic custard would not be easily washed off. Let's just hope there's less sugar in the facial concoctions, lest we lick it all off mid-facial.