Hot Actors Eating

When Crazy, Stupid, Love came out, fans were ogling Ryan Gosling in all his tanned glory, but beyond the custom suits and the perfect abs, many viewers claimed that seeing Ryan Gosling down a slice of pizza while looking red-carpet ready was what sent them over the edge. Well, really anything Ryan Gosling does drives us over the edge, but that's another story for our teenage hormones.

Watch These Gorgeous Men Eat. You Know You Want To. 

There's something about seeing a guy put food away like it's nothing — it's so manly. And when that guy just happens to be one of the most attractive actors in Hollywood, it makes the visual that much more appealing.

Think about every Brad Pitt movie you've ever seen — he's always eating. Whether it's a plate of nachos, shrimp cocktail, or even a hot dog, apparently it's become a habit of directors to draw attention to his mouth, which we're totally fine with since it's just about perfect.

While we've already catalogued a good portion of Pitt's eating adventures on film, we went off screen to chronicle our favorite famous faces in the act of eating. Something about it makes them all the more sexy — don't judge us.

So please sit back and enjoy a few gorgeous guys eating — and don't say it doesn't do anything for you, because you'd be lying.