Host a Kid-Friendly Valentine’s Day Party

Simple, budget-friendly ideas to host the best Valentine’s party on the block

Set the scene for a sweet kid's Valentine's Day!

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it's time to host a little get-together with your little ones. Invite the neighborhood kids or weekly playgroup over for a budget-friendly Valentine’s party filled with crafts, mess-free food, and pencil party favors — what’s not to love?

Host the perfect kid-friendly Valentine’s Day party with these DIY ideas

Keep it simple and sweet when you’re hosting kids — you’ll want fun activities that will keep little hands busy, but won’t take a lot of time to set up or break down.

Similarly, skip the bowls of snacks and the inevitable spills that come with them, and instead make up individualized bags of kid-friendly food to have at the ready for snack time.


As for décor, make it bright, cheerful, and colorful for a playful atmosphere — and with your hands full of kids, you’ll want to make hosting as easy as possible while still showing off your expert hostess skills.