Host an 'Avengers' Party for the Little Superhero

Celebrate the release of The Avengers with a kids party

Who’s excited about The Avengers movie? Generations both young and old will be flocking to movie theaters this weekend to see their favorite superheroes come together and fight in the summer’s first official blockbuster. While for adults and parents the movie is a look back to their childhood comic book favorites, for kids, it’s all about the characters, the explosions, the stunts, and the awe of it all.

As with the Princess and the Pea for girls, superheroes will always be a big trend for young boys. So celebrate a birthday, the movie, or just another weekend with an Avengers-themed party. 

We’re sure your kids have thrown on a cape once or twice, so make that a focal point of the party. Have their friends come dressed like their favorite crusader: Thor, Iron Man, The Hulk, Captain America, or any other superhero. Have a contest for the best-dressed and let the kids vote. 

Fun games can consist of activities that will test their super strength, like an obstacle course, arm wrestling, maybe even a pie-eating contest (hey, that takes strength!). If planning the party around the release of the movie, have lunch or dinner before heading to the theater. Create a menu that includes fitting character items — like green-dyed drinks for The Hulk or an "Independence Punch" in honor of Captain America.

Since these heroes are protecting our country, why not have an all-American menu? Hot dogs, burgers, chicken fingers, macaroni and cheese, and fries are perfect kids foods. For a healthy kick, create a Hulk healthy bar with cucumbers, celery, and broccoli with dipping sauces, and different salads to create a balance. 

Afterward, hand out treat bags with Avengers goodies inside, like these character cookies from Cookie Panache or color-coded gumballs for each hero. For cake ideas, the sky’s the limit — go with their go-to character or if they love them all… make a tiered cake with everyone’s colors!