Hong Kong to Host Its First Craft Beer Festival

90 beers on tap for festival, as thirst for craft beer grows in the city

Hong Kong's first-ever craft beer festival takes place April 28.

It's not just Budweiser that's taking over Chinese drinkers' palates; it's a good month for craft beer fans, too — Hong Kong residents and travelers can imbibe on international brews at the city's first craft beer festival.

Beertopia, happening April 28, features 90 beers from a long, long list of countries — Belgium, Australia, Germany, and the U.S. for starters — and has all the fixings for a true beer fest. In addition to Western drinking games (beer pong and flip cup are fun just about anywhere), the festival also features seminars from Jeff Boda, the former beer critic at the Chicago Tribune; Toby Cooper, owner of Hong Kong's beloved bar The Globe; and Adam Goldberg, homebrewer extraordinaire.

The BBC notes that the festival highlights the growing interest in beer across the country. Even though wine is still the drink of choice (because imports are duty-free), and baiju reigns king, Hong Kong is a small but growing beer city. With two microbreweries, one of them the popular Typhoon microbrewery, Hong Kong may soon start attracting brew lovers from across the globe.