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What 10 Famous Chefs Learned From Their Moms in the Kitchen

The first culinary school lessons come from Mom

Long before most of us got our own homes and kitchens, we were cooking alongside our mothers — sitting on the counter, mixing together bowls of pancake batter, picking herbs apart with tiny fingers, and peeking into the oven to make sure the tops of our muffins didn’t burn. These moments aren’t just fond memories, they’re also integral lessons on how to cook and orchestrate oneself in the kitchen.

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Of course, professional chefs are no different. Before culinary school, apprenticeships, and building chops as a line cook, most every chef learned how to whip up simple (and complex) dishes from Mama.

In honor of Mother’s Day, we reached out to some of our favorite famous chefs to see how their mothers influenced their culinary career. The ways these mothers influenced their chef children are endless. Some inspired a love of sweets or impressed key organization skills. Others passed on secret family recipes that can heal and bond families together or taught simple lessons like “don’t cook barefoot.” For all of these chefs, the wisdom of Mom formed the foundation of their culinary expertise.

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