The Ultimate New Year's Day Brunch

You've partied all night long to ring in the New Year, and now you've woken up with a hangover and your stomach is screaming "Feed me!" Do you want sweet chocolate pancakes? Savory, cheesy spinach crepes? How can you possibly combine all of your favorite breakfast/lunch foods into one overwhelmingly amazing meal? Our solution: Throw a fantastic brunch to fill yourself and all of your friends up with the incredible flavors of breakfast and lunch.

Throwing a fabulous New Year's brunch can be an excellent way to start the New Year. With our fantastic recipes, we've covered your beverage needs to keep the party going, your breakfast needs to soak up all of that holiday spirit, and your lunch dishes because, let's be honest, you're not waking up until 12 on New Year's Day. We've also found some healthier alternatives to your average fatty breakfast dishes so you can start your New Year's resolutions on day one! You could throw a brunch buffet at your house with these dishes, or simply bring one of them to a friend's. Start 2016 off right with these unbelievable dishes that will ensure all of your guests experience a happy New Year's Day!