Is Sushi The Hottest Food For Valentine's Day?

romantic meal is a key part of any Valentine's Day celebration, but what is it that couples want to savor on this special day? Weight-loss app Lose It! compared the foods that 20 million members logged last Valentine's Day to the foods documented on average days in February to try and unlock the trends behind users' holiday favorites.

Beef, specifically beef tenderloin, appeared to be a favorite for Feb 14, as more people documented eating it on Valentine's Day than on a typical day of dining. The other reported habits are all pretty standard, albeit one surprising dish increase:

●       Wine consumption increased by a reported 58.67 percent, as compared to an average Lose It! day.

●       Seafood consumption increased by a reported 27.41 percent compared to an average Lose It! day.

●       Chocolate consumption increased by a reported 30.12 percent, percent compared to an average Lose It! day with milk chocolate being the clear favorite, followed by dark chocolate and then white.

●       Sushi consumption increased by a reported 71.81 percent compared to an average Lose It! day.

Perhaps for those looking to continue their weight-loss goals set at the beginning of the year, sushi isn't such a surprising choice.

"Sushi is tactile and sensual, exotic, yet familiar, a perfect addition on the one day of the year we set aside to express our most intimate feelings," says Dr. Roshini Raj, MD, an internist who serves on Lose It!'s advisory board and is the co-founder of TULA, a healthy-living brand. "It's also an excellent way to stay true to yourself and your weight-loss goals, coming in at between 190 and 240 calories per rainbow roll. Fresh fish is loaded with protein, vitamins, and essential amino acids, while also being low in fat."

So will you follow suit this Valentine's Day and skip the steak house in favor of sushi? There are lots of great sushi restaurant options.  But you can also take a class to learn how to roll your own at home!