Turducken Pringles review
Courtesy of Kellogg’s

Pringles Released a Turducken Friendsgiving Feast, Here’s How It Tastes

Thanksgiving, but make it chips
Turducken Pringles review
Courtesy of Kellogg’s

Forget roasting an entire turkey, making a tray of stuffing and baking an entire pumpkin pie for your Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving feast this November. Pringles has got you covered. Well, sort of. For the third year in a row, the potato crisp brand has released a Thanksgiving-themed feast of flavors, and Pringles has really stepped up its game for 2019. This year’s Friendsgiving Feast Kit is Turducken themed, complete with crisps flavored like turkey, duck and chicken with all the trimmings.

All Your Thanksgiving Questions, Answered

Thanks to our friends at Pringles, we were able to try the Friendsgiving Feast Kit before it hits the Kellogg’s online store. As the box suggests, we first tried the Turducken stack, placing the turkey, chicken and duck hyperbolic paraboloids on top of one another. The bite had a warming flavor that tastes exactly like one of our favorite Thanksgiving Day spices, poultry seasoning.

Pringles Turducken Friendsgiving Feast

Carolyn Menyes/The Daily Meal

Individually, the poultry-flavored chips were surprisingly distinguishable. One taster said the chicken Pringle reminded her of her favorite ramen packet flavor, chicken. The duck Pringle had a smoky note to it that reminded us ever so slightly of barbecue. The turkey Pringle had an herbaceous flavor that reminded us of a perfectly seasoned and roasted holiday bird.

The side-dish-flavored Pringles — stuffing, pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce — were also eerily accurate. The stuffing, a favorite at The Daily Meal, is comforting and herby. The sweet Pringles, while reflective of their dishes, were divisive among our staff. One taster enjoyed both crisps but admitted that they would prefer to just eat pumpkin pie rather than a pumpkin pie-flavored Pringle (but would settle for the latter). The cranberry sauce crisp reminded some of that very specific soap your aunt always buys from Bath & Body Works, while others found the fruit-flavored snack rather thought-provoking.


If you want to get in on the Pringles Friendsgiving Feast yourself, head to the Kellogg’s online store at noon EST on Thursday, Nov. 7. The kit, which includes all six flavors in one pack, costs $15.99 and is only available in limited quantities. If you want them, act fast. A Kellogg’s representative said last year’s holiday kit sold out “very quickly.” If you miss out and still don’t want to cook for a crowd, don’t worry. There are plenty of Thanksgiving foods that are better when store-bought.