Pinterest Perusal: 5 Unique Thanksgiving Ideas From The Pinaverse

Thanksgiving is a classic holiday full of traditions, but who doesn't want to spice up their Turkey Day a bit? Use these cool ideas we found on Pinterest to create a unique, easy Thanksgiving dinner that everyone will remember. From party favors to desserts, we've found the coolest Thanksgiving activities.

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Acorns

Make sweet chocolate acorns with Hershey Kisses, bite-sized Nutter Butters, and miniature chocolate chips. Melt the chocolate chips to use as an adhesive. Dip the flat side of the unwrapped chocolate chip into the melted chocolate, and stick it to the flat side of the Nutter Butter. Then, dip a miniature chocolate chip into the melted chocolate, and place it on the opposite end of your Nutter Butter for the acorn top. You'll have a fast, fall-inspired dessert to serve to all of your guests. 

Cone Cornucopias

Use ice cream cones to create adorable, miniature cornucopias to give out on Thanksgiving. Just dip the tip of the cone into water, so it is easily manipulated. Take a pencil and wrap the water-dipped tip around part of the pencil, so the end starts to create a curve. Leave it out to dry, and then fill your cornucopia with treats for everyone! Put these miniature cornucopias on everyone's Thanksgiving plate as décor, or hand them out as party favors.

Gourd Candles

Buy a group of colorful gourds, and make them into beautiful candles to decorate your Thanksgiving Day table. Just cut the stems off, and create a hole big enough for a tea light candle to fit securely on the top of your gourd. Light the candle, and add a warm glow to your Thanksgiving night.

Mason Jar Thanks

Put fall-colored ribbons around a mason jar, and place it next to a wooden tongue depressors your guests can write on. Have everyone write what they're thankful for on the stick, and anonymously put them back into the jar. When everyone sits down to eat, read the notes aloud to celebrate the tradition that is Thanksgiving.

Rice Krispie Treat Pumpkins

Bake cute Rice Krispie treat pumpkins for your guests to enjoy after the delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Just add in orange food coloring to your marshmallow mix, and then add the marshmallow mix into the Rice Krispies. When your mixture has cooled, form a ball with the Rice Krispie mixture, and add an unwrapped Tootsie roll to the top to create a stem.