Papa John's Jack-O'-Lantern Pizza Is The Cutest, Spookiest Halloween Dinner

Halloween is officially here, and if eating bags full of chocolate and candy corn isn't nearly festive enough for you, Papa John's has got your back. Just in time for the spookiest day of the year, the pizza chain is launching their "Spooky Not Scary Halloween Pizza Celebrations," complete with the cutest darn pizza pie we have ever seen.

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Yes, Papa John's is brilliantly selling a Jack-O'-Lantern pizza. And while you won't find any candy corn on this pie, you will find a thin-crust pizza cut into the festive shape of a classic Halloween pumpkin. It's perfect for a lazy Halloween party, with pepperonis outlining the pizza and creating a smile and iconic triangle-shaped eyes. Little black olives complete the pizza and create a pie that simultaneously looks adorable and stares straight into your soul.

The Daily Meal was lucky enough to try some of these Jack-O'-Lantern pizzas. The crusts were very thin, but the pepperonis were crisp and the cheese gooey.

While we found the pizzas to be very Instagrammable when they turned out right, we got a wonky pizza too. It was more of a trick than a treat, but it still made us smile. And isn't that the whole point?

Also be aware that the Jack-O'-Lantern pizzas don't come pre-cut, so have a pizza cutter (or steak knife) on hand to share a slice.

The Jack-O'-Lantern pizza is offered as one of Papa John's catering options and can be ordered online or via their Papa Rewards app. If you're feeding a crowd, go for the Jack-O'-Lantern Pizza Package, which features one large Jack-O'-Lantern pizza, five one-topping pizzas and either three orders of breadsticks or three desserts. It'll run you $80 with the promo code TRICKORTREAT. If you're flying solo and want to get spooky, you can also order a single Jack-O'-Lantern pizza for $11 with the promo code JACKOLANTERN. The pizza is on sale now through October 31.

No matter if you're eating pizza, pumpkin or a pumpkin-shaped pizza this Halloween, we can all agree that no Halloween is complete without a little dessert: candy. And to find out the perfect candy to go with your 'za, consider our ranking of the best and worst trick-or-treat candies.