Most Popular Valentine's Day Candies, Ranked

It doesn't matter how you celebrate Valentine's Day. Maybe you go on a fancy date at a swanky restaurant. Maybe you cook a sexy, decadent meal at home. Maybe you're sitting on your couch with a bottle of wine and your cat while watching horror movies on Netflix. No matter how you choose to honor February 14, one thing is ubiquitous: candy.

For the Ranking of the Most Popular Valentine's Day Candies, click here.

Yes, Valentine's Day is all about the candy. Sure, it's also about love and romance and flying baby Cupids, but let's be real: All we care about is the chocolates and the conversation hearts and the pretty sugary confections packaged in pink.

Before you send your kid off to school with a backpack full of paper cards and candy or meet your honey for a date, it's important to know which candies are hits and which are misses. We asked around The Daily Meal office to find out which Valentine's Day candies are our soulmates and which are the loser ex. Check out our officially unofficial ranking here.