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Most Popular Valentine's Day Candies, Ranked

What candy reigns supreme?

If there’s one holiday that’s all about the candy and nothing else, it has to be Valentine’s Day. Sure, Easter and Christmas have their fair share of chocolates, but Feb. 14 is the day to show others how much you care by showering them with sugar.

Before you send your kid off to school with a backpack full of paper cards and candy, or before you meet your honey for a date, it’s important to know which candies are hits and which are misses. We ranked 10 of the most popular Valentine’s Day candies by their Google trend searches and flavor to help you along your way. Buy wisely.

#10 Valentine’s Dots
Normal Dots come in a variety of tropical-ish flavors, but the special Valentine’s Day edition of this candy stick to the holiday’s traditional colors: pink, red, and white. The accompanying flavors (cherry, passion fruit, and vanilla) actually don’t taste all that distinctive, but they sure are cute to look at.

#9 Cinnamon Bears
These adorable little gummy cinnamon bears are a Valentine’s Day favorites thanks to their festive red coloring and spicy flavor. However, they’re more of a nostalgic favorite than a current trend, leading to their relatively low spot on our list.

#8 Candy Necklaces
Sure, this candy may be more appropriate for your kid’s Valentine’s Day box, but just because you’re a grown-up doesn’t mean you can’t have a fondness for wearable candy. These chalky, vaguely fruity (but mostly sugary) hard candies are a little less satisfying to eat than other things on this list and lead to a sticky neck, but you look so cute rocking it that you don’t really mind.

#7 Wild Berry Skittles
Though most people are familiar with the red package Skittles, the purple-packed Wild Berry Skittles are the best choice for Valentine’s Day. Like all Skittles blends, the “wild berry” flavors mesh flawlessly; they’re less tart and more purely sweet than their original counterparts. And, the inclusion of a pink candy (flavored strawberry) makes this particular line Valentine’s-approved.

#6 Dove Chocolate
Dove’s line of chocolates, which ranges from Rich Dark Chocolate to Caramel & Milk Chocolates, is known for being two things: budget-friendly and creamy. Despite being owned by Mars, Dove lacks the name recognition of some of its competitors, making it a less popular Valentine’s Day choice.

#5 Nerds
This February, pink and white little balls of sugar join forces to create one Valentine’s Day pack that just looks festive. Though all Nerds are the same on the inside, the shells of these particular flavors are surprisingly flavorful, truly bringing out a fruitiness you wouldn’t expect. Their compact size also makes for a perfect school treat for the little ones.

#4 Hershey’s Kisses
Hershey’s Kisses may be named after the sound they make on the assembly line, but the idea of the Kiss is just too perfect for Valentine’s Day, making this treat perfectly appropriate. From milk chocolate to cupcake to truffle, there’s a Kiss flavor out there for everyone, making this the perfect (and cheap) candy option.

#3 Lindt Lindor Truffles
Though a little bit pricier than some of the other options on this list, Lindt’s Lindor truffles are wonderfully decadent. They’re rich, silky, and creamy, with every bite offering a new experience in texture. The best part? These truffles are made in every flavor from caramel to strawberries and cream to citrus; why not try one of each?

#2 M&M’s
There are few candies more plentiful and classic as the candy-coated chocolate original: the M&M. Though their experiments in flavor can be hit or miss, M&M’s are an all-time favorite and are easy to binge on, making them perfect for both couples and single hearts.

#1 Conversation Hearts
Though every other candy on this list is available (in one form or another) year round, there’s one candy that is available only for Valentine’s Day: the conversation heart. These chalky, cheeky, heart-shaped candies ask you to be a “soul mate” have the “best day” or just do “whatever.” No Valentine’s Day would be complete without them. Even if you don’t love their taste, you love their message.

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