Give Mom a Food-Inspired Card for Mother’s Day Slideshow

We’ve rounded up the most adorable, clever greeting cards that have a little food twist for your mom

Oh, Come On Mom...

You're a cheese ball, but we kind of love you anyway. Etsy's Freshline, $4.

Butter Her Up

Yep, use the whole stick you brown noser, you. We love this cheeky card. Freshline, $4 

Your Love for Mom…

… goes way deeper than a tablespoon. Or at least we hope it does! Etsy’s Freshline, $4. 

Personalized Preserves

Tell grandma all of the things you’re thankful that you've shared with her with this customizable card from Hallmark. $3.49

This One Is on Point

Leave it to J.D. Salinger to get it right, because mom is a little bananas — but in a good way! — isn’t  she? Etsy's Jiwa Jiwa Press, $4. 

Wine Her…

… but make sure you actually have a bottle of wine after she reads this card from Etsy’s Karocks Paper. $4.

Pampered Pantry

Add a little bit of love in between the shelves of her beloved kitchen closet. Papyrus, $7.16.

Macaron Love

Give mom the gift of Paris with a few bedazzled macarons and some kind words. Papyrus, $5.56.

For the Lady with the Jars

Don’t bottle up your feelings — let mom know how you feel with this jar card from $3.49.

Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Mom’s always equipped for anything that comes her way, but she won’t be prepared for your thoughtful words., $3.49. 

Grandma Knows Best

Wherever there are cookies and no rules, we follow., $3.49. 

Pretty, Pretty Peas...

Give this adorable card to mom on Mother’s Day — it’s so sweet. $1.99. 

Family Recipes

Family recipes make the best dishes — and stories. Tell mom all the ingredients that make her the amazing person she is., $1.99. 

Yeah, Mom…

Thanks for making me eat dark, leafy greens — I really owe you one. This is for the mom that appreciates a good joke. Etsy’s Water Street Design, $2. 

When All Else Fails...

Say it with flowers. Paper-Source, $3.50.