Why Food Is the Ultimate Halloween Costume

Get in the mood for food this year
Why Food Is the Best Halloween Costume
Kathleen Collins / The Daily Meal

Every year as Halloween approaches, the same old dilemma arises: What should you be for Halloween? Whether you’re trick-or-treating for the best Halloween candy or you’re throwing a Halloween party, the right costume can make or break your holiday. No matter your personality or interests, however, there is one type of costume that will always be a winner: the food costume.

The Most Popular Halloween Costumes of Every Decade

Do you love a good pop culture costume? Dress up as a trendy food like avocado toast, a smoothie bowl or a seasonal Starbucks Frappucino. Are you a funny gal or guy? We can’t guarantee anything, but dressing up like a pickle will probably make someone laugh. And hey, even if you’re the type of person who just really likes hot dogs, why not express that by the way you dress?

hot dog costume

Kathleen Collins / The Daily Meal

Food-inspired Halloween costumes can also cater to any type of Halloween dresser. If you’re the type who likes to get creative and make your own costume, this theme definitely allows you to do that. On the flipside, if you’re a last-minute Halloween costume person (like we are), then you can just head to any department store or Halloween shop (like Spirit Halloween) and pick up the cuisine couture of your dreams.

Obviously, we here at The Daily Meal love all things food and drink. We love high-end cuisine, and we love fast food. We love beer, tacos, pizza and burgers, too. The only thing better than eating food on Halloween is dressing as a food on Halloween — and if you want to be the real treat of any Halloween bash, you can bring the food you’re dressed as and give it to all those #basic witches at the ball.


Other than being tasty and on-trend, our favorite thing about dressing up as a food on Halloween is that it’s just plain fun, unlike these lame and offensive costumes that you need to stop wearing.