Easter Games That Go Beyond The Egg Hunt

An Easter egg hunt is always a fabulous way to spend Easter Sunday. Parents take pleasure in hiding Easter eggs (or plastic homages to them) around the yard, and kids experience the magic of discovering the hidden treasure. But after the hunt is over, the sugar high from those Easter baskets likely hasn't worn off, so there's plenty of energy left to burn through. To help you and your family have a fun Easter, we've come up with a few Easter games that go far beyond the egg hunt.

Egg Drop

Looking for a few hours of egg-cellent fun? Take a cue from your high school physics class. Set the kids up at crafting stations and have them construct creative egg baskets. They can then drop their colored Easter eggs from a high window or balcony, with parental supervision, of course, to see which eggs survive the crash thanks to their brilliant basket designs.

Egg Roll

Hey, if it's good enough for the White House, it's good enough for your backyard, right? Using large wooden spoons, friends and families can roll hard boiled Easter eggs around the backyard, racing each other for the egg roll championship.

Egg Bowl

Make a game even Peter Cottontail would want to play! Set up light plastic cones — or even ice cream cones — on a flat surface as you would a set of bowling pins. Roll a plastic egg down the pathway and abide by the same rules of bowling. This simple and fun game is guaranteed entertainment for hours!