Disneyland Halloween popcorn bucket 2018
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Disneyland’s ‘Snow White’-Inspired Halloween Popcorn Bucket Is Too Spooky

The Halloween-themed novelties will roll out September 7

Few things in the theme-park world have quite the cult following of a Disneyland popcorn bucket. Theme-park fans will bypass meeting Mickey Mouse or riding Pirates of the Caribbean just for the chance to obtain one of these limited-edition, themed snack containers. And for Halloween 2018, the geniuses at Disneyland have outdone themselves with what just might be their spookiest popcorn bucket to date. It’s not even out yet, and it’s already a classic.
Yes, the latest and greatest premium popcorn bucket is the cauldron. Stylized after the creepy cauldron the wicked witch uses in ‘Snow White’ to make the poison apple that sends Snow White to sleep, this popcorn bucket features a shiny black cauldron and some bright green “poison” oozing out the top. It lights up, illuminating the night in just the perfectly creepy (and totally Instagrammable) way.

The popcorn bucket is a continuation of one of Disneyland’s more popular Halloween novelties last year, a red poison apple stein. But this year’s change to lime green is a super-spooky twist that we’re totally obsessed with.

If you’re not a popcorn fan, don’t worry. You can find lime-green poison apples all across Disneyland park. There’s a haunting green poison apple flip-lid stein and green poison apple light-up cubes to give your drinks the perfect Halloween touch.

Disneyland Green Poison Apple Flip Lid Stein

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Of course, the cauldron and its accompanying poison apples aren’t the only Halloween specialty items at Disneyland this fall. The theme park has also rolled out the perfect thing for Disney California Adventure’s Cars Land, a plump pumpkin straw that’s actually a rubber tire. The tire pumpkin straw will only be found in Radiator Springs.

Cars Land Tire Pumpkin Straw Disney California Adventure

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And some familiar favorites are back, such as the Oogie Boogie popcorn bucket. In 2017, this ‘Nightmare Before -inspired souvenir sold out in seconds, so fans who weren’t able to grab this ghost the first time around will have a chance this year at popcorn stands throughout Disneyland Resort.

And when will that chance start? September 7. Yes, if Starbucks can start selling pumpkin spice lattes in August, Disneyland can certainly start celebrating Halloween the second Labor Day is over. And if you’re looking for the perfect treats to snack on while you’re making your way around the parks scooping up popcorn buckets and spooky straws, check out our ultimate ranking of Disney’s most iconic park snacks.