Delicious Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Get inspired for a romantic evening with these simple and tasty Valentine’s Day date ideas
Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Celebrate true love with these great Valentine’s Day date ideas.


Valentine’s Day is a pressure-filled day for any couple. Whether they are worried about getting the perfect Valentine’s Day gift or they are stressing out about going to the perfect romantic restaurant, couples always aim for this romantic holiday to be flawless. This is especially true when it comes to a great Valentine’s Day date idea.

But for couples, whether they are newly together or have been married for years, coming up with ideas that aren’t cliché is a tough. If you’re looking to impress your sweetheart with delicious and fun time, we have some great Valentine’s day date ideas for you that will make your special someone swoon.

Ice Skating and Hot Chocolate

For those hardy types undeterred by the cold, ice-skating is a great way to warm up the body — and maybe even a relationship, skating hand in hand around the rink. Afterwards, nothing satisfies like a cup of hot chocolate! Ice-skating and hot chocolate go together like hugs and kisses.


Fondue is made for those cold weather date nights. Heat up with crusty bread dipped in warm, flavorful cheese or toasty marshmallows in decadent chocolate. Sweet or savory, either way a fondue will please. If you feel inspired to leave the house, there are plenty of places that specialize in the warm treat.

Baking or Decorating a Cake

Stay warm in the kitchen while creating and decorating your own special holiday treat, a yummy cake. Try your hand at the Valentine’s Day staple, romantic red velvet, or give into your vices with a chocolate whiskey cake or a chocolate molten cake. It could be a messy in the making, but with a sweet ending.

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