The Best Food-Themed Valentine's Day Cards We've Ever Seen

Valentine's Day is just one week away, and in addition to finding the perfect box of chocolate for your significant other, you also need to find a card. Sure, you can find some sort of generic card with red hearts or a flowery poem that says all of the things you can't, but really, everyone loves a good pun (and a good meal). Check out these punny, delicious, food-themed Valentine's Card to show your love that's they're the salt to your pepper.

Brie Mine Card, Paperless Post

Brie is everything: creamy, flavorful, and easy to love. If your Valentine is the same way, let them know with the power of cheese.

Doughnut-Lover's Valentine's Day Card, Etsy

What would a doughnut be without a hole? Incomplete. Let your Valentine know just how much they mean to you with this sweet card.

Fortune Cookie Card, Paperless Post

If you have trouble expressing loving sentiments, why not use a cookie to get the message across? Chinese takeout places have been doing it for decades.

Hot Stuff Card, Paperless Post

For the saucy lovers out there, let your love know they're right up there with sriracha.

Just the Stew of Us Card, Paperless Post

You can be the radish, I'll be the bok choy. Meet me in the ramen, and let's canoodle.

Sendin Noods Card, Etsy

If sending scandalous photos intimidates you, try this food-friendly card instead. You have all of the entertainment and none of the possible embarrassment (unless your love hates puns).

Sprinkled Doughnut Valentine's Day Card, Hallmark

We have nothing but love for the glazed doughnut, but your true love is special — just like a sparkly, pink, sprinkled doughnut. They should know that.

Syrup on Pancake Valentine's Day Card, Hallmark

Your Valentine doesn't have to complete you to be your soulmate, all they have to do is make your life a little sweeter, not unlike syrup on a stack of pancakes.

Waffle Card, Etsy

For the Leslie Knope in your life, there's nothing better than love and waffles. Here, those things come together and are topped off with a beautiful, buttery heart.

You Are My Everything Card, Etsy

Garlic, onion, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, salt... You don't need anything more in love or in your bagel.