Beautiful and Easy Valentine Desserts Made to Impress

Your special someone will melt over these adorable Valentine’s Day desserts
Beautiful Valentine Desserts
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From heart-shaped sweets to decadent treats, these desserts will make your Valentine fall for you all over again.

Valentine’s Day is all about the love... and the desserts. If you really want to make your special someone swoon, you have to try and make these sweet desserts for them.

They will gobble up these Valentine desserts and will fall in love with you all over again.

Valentine’s Day Dessert: Hidden Treasure Chocolate Soufflés
Want to treat that special someone this Valentine's Day? Tempt her with this tantalizing recipe for Hidden Treasure Chocolate Soufflé, a surprisingly simple-to-make delicacy that is sure to please. Savor the intense flavor of the rich chocolate with a creamy caramel secret hidden in the center. It's a sweet treasure that will fill both of your hearts with love

Click here for the Chocolate Soufflés recipe.

Valentine’s Day Cakes:  Filled Cupcakes with Cherry-Flavored Filled DelightFulls

Looking for the “next thing” in cupcakes? These jewels overflow with cherry-flavored Filled DelightFulls in studded frosting that’s piped into the middle of each cake and also used as a cheerful topping.

Click here for the  Filled Cupcakes with Cherry Flavored Filled DelightFulls recipe

Valentine Dessert Recipe: Mini Chip Cut-Out Cookies

These mini chip cut-out refrigerator cookies are dotted with tiny chocolate chips. Vanilla frosting with a drizzle of melted chocolate completes the decoration.

Click here for the Mini Chip Cut-Out Cookies recipe

Valentine’s Day Dessert Idea: Raspberry Chocolate Heart Tart

You won't believe how easy this beautiful raspberry chocolate tart is to make. Make someone feel special today. Try it with a gluten-free crust! It's easy and tasty!

Click here for the Raspberry Chocolate Heart Tart recipe

Valentine’s Day Sweet: Valentine Chocolate-Filled Hearts

These Valentine Chocolate Filled Hearts cookies from Nestlé Kitchens feature melted chocolate in the center, making them hard for your Valentine to resist.

Click here for the Valentine Chocolate Filled Hearts recipe.

Valentine Recipe: Mini Cheesecakes with Caramel Filled DelightFulls and Sea Salt

There’s nothing small about these individual cheesecakes. Caramel-filled DelightFulls blend complex flavor and rich gooeyness to these silky smooth bites of bliss.

Click here for the  Mini Cheesecakes with Caramel-Filled DelightFulls and Sea Salt recipe