9 Fireworks-Inspired Drinks For Your Cookout Slideshow

Check Out These Fireworks-Inspired Cocktails

Put away those beer koozies, because we have rounded up nine innovative, fun cocktails inspired by fireworks. Just like the fireworks displays that light up the night sky, you'll be lighting up your guests' faces when they take a sip of these uniquely crafted cocktails that fizz and sparkle.


Blue Independence Cocktail

The cocktail so patriotic, it even has the word "independence" in its name. This gin-based drink made with fresh blueberries was created by Brian McFarland (general manager at 41 Ocean Club in Santa Monica) and Walter Easterbrook (a bartender at The Bowery in New York City). Get your taste buds popping by rimming the glass with sparkling rimming sugar.

Firework Party Punch

What's better: the fireworks in the sky, or the ones at the bottom of your glass? It's a toss-up with this spiced cranberry, gin-based cocktail from McFarland and Easterbrook that's so ruby red, your guests will be "oohing" and "ahhing" even before the fireworks displays begin. 

Ice Berg Cocktail

If the weather for your Fourth of July cookout is a little bit steamy, cool things down with this icy libation from Esperanza, an Auberge Resort in Cabo San Lucas. The neon blue Curaçao and bright red peach liquor create a colorful display that goes perfectly with the rockets' red glare.

Liquid Fireworks

Despite the explosive name, the Liquid Fireworks cocktail from the AAA's Four Diamond Award-winning De Rodriguez Cuba Miami restaurant contains no actual fireworks. But with gin, orange juice, strawberries, and cucumber in this drink, you'll definitely be seeing broad stripes and bright stars.

Pop Rocks Rita

Taking the fireworks cocktail theme quite literally is this unique spin on the traditional margarita that literally pops and fizzes in your mouth. The drink hails from the Mexican kitchen and bar Cocina 214 in Winter Park, Florida, and calls for sweet and sour mix, cranberry juice, and Pop Rocks, in addition to the traditional margarita ingredients.  

The Red Sky Cocktail

There's nothing better than watching the night sky light up red (and white, and blue), with fiery spectacle. The Red Sky Cocktail from Tiffany Dawn Soto, the beverage director at the Four Seasons Hotel in Baltimore, is as ruby red as the fireworks on the Fourth.

Sparkling Pomegranate Punch

Why just drink when you can sparkle at the same time? This punch is as red as the stripes on the American flag, and it takes on the characteristics of a sparkler with a dash of sparkling wine. 

Strawberry Sparkler

This sparkling drink, which calls for frozen strawberries, limeade, and chilled rosé Champagne, will cool you down as you sit back and watch the spectacular Roman candle explosions. Plus, with the added tequila, the drink is sure to be as hot as a fireworks display.

Ultimate Sparkler

Although this recipe is not patriotically hued, it adds to the Fourth of July spirit with a star-shaped starfruit wedge, and sparkles with a splash of Champagne and blue Curaçao.