6 Decorative Pie Crusts That Will Cause Thanksgiving Envy (Slideshow)

Apple Pie Window

In order to let steam release from a fruit pie while it cooks, it's important to create (at the very least) a few small slits in the top crust. This maple apple pie takes that concept and cranks it up to 11 with an intricate series of windows. The design somewhat reflects a snowflake or flower but is strangely mesmerizing and still oh-so-perfect for fall.

Braided Leaves Lattice

Your average checkerboard lattice pie looks like a chump next to this dizzying design. Braided lines intersect with plain pieces of crust, creating an optical illusion you can't stop staring at. As if the crisscrosses weren't enough, small cutout leaves on the edge of the pie add a perfectly appropriate autumn motif.

Fallen Leaf Crust

This relatively simple pie crust still manages to stun with its flawlessly festive fall d├ęcor. Cutout acorns and leaves bring a sense of warmth to this dessert, amplified by the details in the design, leading to an astounding autumnal display.

Leaf Pile

Travel back in time to your childhood days of jumping into massive piles of leaves with this stunning fruit pie crust. Dozens of various cutout stamped leaves cover this pie, creating a top crust that is simultaneously playful yet classy. If that doesn't make you want to dive right in, we're not sure what will.

Swerving Lattice

Pies don't have to play by any rules, including a lattice top crust with straight lines. This pie crust throws a curve ball not only with its braided pieces but with small curves throughout the pie. Getting dough to cooperate in this manner is truly an impressive feat.

Turkey Feathers

What Thanksgiving would be complete without a turkey? And no, we don't mean the big bird on your plate. This pumpkin pie is topped by an adorable little gobbler, complete with textured feathers, two tiny cutout eyes, and a nose! This pie is (almost) too cute to eat.