3 Foods That Get Stuck In Your Mustache

I mustache you a question, but I'll shave it for later.

No-Shave November comes with plenty of mustache puns, like this one, along with boys finally growing out their scruff to look like men. But what happens when your beautifully groomed mustache embarrassingly catches food at dinner? You're not used to your furry face, so let us help you avoid an embarrassing food situation. We know this food-catching mechanism may just help you save snacks for later, but no one wants to see you combing through your beard to find leftover tater tots. Here at The Daily Meal, we understand your love of No-Shave November, and want to help you grow your clean, lengthy beard to perfection. 


Noodles are a no-no for No-Shave November. Ramen, fettuccini, rice noodles, and spaghetti are just a few examples of the noodles that can get lost in your scruff forest. When you slurp up your next noodle, make sure they all get into your mouth. Excuse yourself at the table if you're feeling like one stray noodle escaped into your beard. Definitely avoid ordering anything with noodles on a date if you're hoping to maintain your cool.

Stringy Melted Cheese

Pulling hot, stringy cheese off of a gooey grilled cheese or even from a slice of pizza can lead to a cobweb of cheese stuck in your beard. No one wants to look at you pulling melted cheese out of your hair, so try to avoid anything with an excessive amount of melted cheese.

Whipped Cream

Beware of whipped cream and other foods like it. These creamy, fluffy substances will feel lighter than a feather on your beard, but will look like you've face planted in snow. Always carry around a handkerchief to clean up messes like this that take over your well-kept beard.