13 Holiday Desserts to Make in a Jar

Serve your guests delicious desserts in decorated jars
Holiday Recipes for 2015

The Daily Meal's Milagros Cruz previews some of the recipes you'll need to get you through the holidays,

Sweet and Toasty Parfait


How cute is this no-bake dessert?

Dessert can be the most stressful part of any party. Cooking is enough work without having to wonder whether or not your soufflé is going to turn out perfectly. These desserts give you the option to make your layers from scratch or buy your layers pre-made for a no-bake dessert. With jar desserts, you can lay out an array of stress-free desserts for your guests to choose from. We’ve compiled everything from sugar-free desserts to decadent peanut butter, chocolate layered desserts.

These desserts can be great party favors, too. Hand them out at the end of the night as your guests leave. Decorate your jars with colorful ribbons to celebrate the season. For November parties, place orange and red ribbons around the jars. For December parties, tie blue and white, or red and green ribbons around the jars. You won’t believe how much fun desserts can be when you get creative with jars.