13 Freaky Food Celebrity Masks

These food celebrity masks can inspire the perfect costume for any food lover
Celebrity Halloween Masks


Try on some of our favorite celebrity chef masks!


RUTH REICHL The editorial advisor to Gilt Taste has a scary résumé that includes Gourmet and before that famously dressing up in different costumes and wigs to maintain her anonymity as restaurant critic for The New York Times. But don't be fooled! It's not her curriculum vitae that you need fear, nor the mask's leering vacant eyes and teeth-clenched smile. It's the Reichl tweets! They've spawned a James Beard Award-winning parody (see below), and Reichl herself has even gotten a new book deal out of gems like: "Cold sake-steamed chicken, straight from the refrigerator. Pearly flesh smooth as satin. Cats twine hopefully around my ankles. Think not." As Eater has noted, they're daily reminders that Reichl's life is better than yours.


PADMA LAKSHMI The model turned wife of fatwa'd novelist Salman Rushdie turned Top Chef co-host has the honor of saying on the show the most dreaded words that any aspiring cheftestant could hear: "Please pack your knives." But be careful wearing this mask out in public, where she may not have the same intimidating effect. As Gothamist reported recently, at a food-themed reading at The Moth, "one front-row audience member found Lakshmi 'so grating' as a host that he stood up in the middle of her story and vowed to give The Moth $1,000 if she would just shut up already and get offstage...which she did."


MARTHA STEWART She's one of the most powerful people in food, she's spent time in the clink, and if you believe what Alexis Stewart is reported to have written in her new book, even Martha's daughter is kind of scared of her: "Martha does everything better! You can't win! If I didn't do something perfectly, I had to do it again… I grew up with a glue gun pointed at my head." Don't fall for the smile! It's food celebrity EV-IL!


SANDRA LEE Cher, Madonna, Cleopatra, Monroe, Hepburn, Streisand — it seems only right that given all the times Aunt Sandy has dressed up in these costumes over the years to celebrate the holiday, that the Food Network's queen of Halloween should get her own mask. And Anthony Bourdain is on the record as calling her  the "hellspawn of Betty Crocker and Charles Manson." Like Sandy, you should have a few cocktails (cue video to 1:26), get a friend to wear the Bourdain mask, and recreate the scary face-to-face meeting between the two that he described in his book Medium Raw.


RUTH BOURDAIN There's a reason the parody works. This fictional mashup inspired by Ruth Reichl and Anthony Bourdain's Twitter styles is a scary pairing of food personalities. You could, if you really want to show you're in the know though, just wear a Robert Sietsma mask, as rumor has it, the Village Voice's resident food critic is the real person behind the joke. 

Happy Halloween!



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