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The 12 Most Popular Thanksgiving Side Dishes, Ranked

The battle of the sides begins at dinner

When it comes to Thanksgiving dinner, most would agree the roast turkey is the star of the table. But what about the accoutrements? You know, the mashed potatoes, the sweet potato casserole, the stuffing, and the cranberry sauce… These dishes are all essential to Thanksgiving but they’re a little more divisive.

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In the South, no Thanksgiving is complete without corn pudding and bacon-infused Brussels sprouts. Midwesterners love their green bean casserole, and no New England table is complete without Parker House rolls. But beyond the regional divide, some folks will pile their plate with candied yams and glazed carrots while the person sitting next to them at the table will feel like that is a waste of some much-needed macaroni and cheese space.

In a world where not all side dishes are created equal, which one truly reigns supreme? We combed through our essential Thanksgiving side dishes and, using a combination of Google analytics and our own expertise, ranked them. The best (and worst) sides just might surprise you — or maybe not.

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