11 Snowmen You Can Build Out Of Food Gallery

11 Snowmen You Can Build Out of Food

Decorating snowmen is one of the most fun parts of winter, but have you ever considered staying indoors and making edible snowmen for your guests to enjoy? These cute snowballs deserve to be more than just exterior décor. Try putting one these awesome edible snowmen on display at your next party to add some extra snowy fun to the festivities or to turn a snow day into a fun day!

Caprese Salad Snowmen

We love caprese salads because they combine fresh basil with soft mozzarella balls, juicy tomatoes, and tangy balsamic vinegar for a refreshing bite. Simply cut one end of the cherry tomato off (get creative with the colors here) and use that as your hat. Use a toothpick to skewer together two mozzarella balls and put the hat on top for an easy snowman. You can draw a face on them with edible ink or leave them plain and serve them to your guests. 

Chocolate-Covered Oreo Snowmen

Submerge Winter Oreos on a stick (the filling is red) into melted white chocolate to create your snowman's face. Use miniature chocolate chips to decorate while the chocolate is still wet. Let them dry and you have a cute dessert or homemade party favor to hand out. 

Doughnut Snowman

There are two ways you could build your adorable breakfast doughnut snowmen. One option is to stack powdered munchkins to create a small, but full-body snowman. Another method is to gather some regular-sized powdered doughnuts, fill the doughnut hole with a baby carrot, and use little chocolate chips for the smile and eyes. The latter creates an adorable treat that resembles a snowman's face.

Hard-Boiled-Egg Snowman

These snowmen appetizers look amazing and are perfect for any holiday party. Stack two hard-boiled eggs on top of each other for the snowman, and use a garnish, like parsley, for the arms. Then, combine a larger slice of carrot with a smaller slice of a carrot for the top hat. Use peppercorns for little eyes and buttons! Voila, you have an adorable savory appetizer for your winter party. 

Marshmallow Snowman

Use wooden skewers to put little marshmallow snowmen together. Wrap a Fruit Roll-Up or some licorice between the two marshmallows for a colorful scarf. Use pretzel sticks for arms and miniature M&M's for the buttons. Next, use icing to stick on some miniature chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth and an orange jelly bean for the nose. This is a great activity for the kid's table at Christmas dinner. 

Mozzarella Snowmen

Those cheesy mozzarella men deserve a spot on your hors d'oeuvres table. Simply take shredded white Cheddar cheese and roll it in mozzarella for a snowy look. Shape this into a "snowball." Then, use peppercorns for the eyes, mouth, and buttons. A little slice of a carrot makes the cutest nose. Don't forget to surround your cheesy masterpiece with crackers for the perfect appetizer platter. 

Oreo Truffle Snowmen

Theses Oreo truffles are surprisingly easy to make and taste incredible. Your truffle mixture will combine crushed Oreos and cream cheese for the filling. Next, dunk your truffles into melted white chocolate. While the chocolate is wet, place sprinkles on your truffle for the snowman's face and a little miniature Oreo on top for a cute hat. Don't worry if your white chocolate spreads around the bottom of the truffle — this could end up making it look like a melted snowman in a puddle of white chocolate! 

Pancakes with Bacon Snowman

This breakfast snowman is the perfect dish to serve to the little ones on a snow day. Make a larger pancake for the base and a smaller pancake to place above the first. Then, make a scarf out of bacon and have your kids make faces with blueberries and strawberries. 

Pretzel Stick Snowmen

Dip long pretzel sticks into white chocolate for your snowman base. Have your kids decorate these little men with Fruit Roll-Up scarves, buttons out of M&M's, and gum drop hats for a cute party favor or holiday party activity for the children. 

Snowman Sundae

A vanilla ice cream sundae that looks like a snowman is a fantastic dessert that your kids will love decorating. Use chocolate to make the face of your ice cream snowman and place pretzel sticks into the snowman's ice cream scoops for arms. Don't forget to make your ice cream snowman smile with a cherry on top! 

String Cheese Snowmen

This has to be the cutest edible snowman we've seen. Pack these in your child's lunch box for a smile-inducing surprise on any winter day. Simply draw a snowman's face on the wrapper and wrap a ribbon around the cheese stick under the face, but above the buttons. You can also enhance these little snacks by cutting out black paper hats for the snowmen to wear.  Now that you know how to decorate snowmen, here's how to make more fun wintery treats for any snowy day.