11 Snowmen You Can Build Out of Food

Your guests will love biting into these adorable edible snowmen
Marshmallow Snowmen


How cute would this little guy look on your dessert table?

Decorating snowmen is one of the most fun parts of the season, but have you ever considered staying indoors and making edible snowmen for your guests to enjoy? These cute snowballs deserve to be more than just exterior décor. Try putting one these awesome edible snowmen on display at your next holiday party to add some extra snowy fun to the festivities.

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From refreshing appetizer snowmen to delicious dessert snowmen, we’ve made sure that you’ll find the one you’re searching for. Can you imagine the look on your guests’ faces when you hand them a plate of decorated white chocolate snowmen truffles? What about a caprese salad snowman stacked with mozzarella and tomato flavors? You can use a lot of these suggestions as party favors, party foods, or even as activities to keep the kids entertained. No matter how you use them, these edible snowmen are sure to put a smile on your face this winter