10 Ways to Give Back This Thanksgiving

Spread the Thanksgiving love with these ideas
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Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen


Show your thanksgiving spirit by giving back this year.

Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks. Many of us sit down at the table with friends and family and express how grateful we are for the good things in our lives — but how many of us actually give back to our communities this time of year?

Making a contribution to the greater good, regardless of how we do it, is an important part of Thanksgiving. Teaching our children about giving back on Thanksgiving is a vital lesson that, once implemented, can become a long-lasting family tradition.

Instead of just watching the parade and football games this year, try volunteering your time at the local shelter or spending some time with the elderly at a nursing home. You may be surprised by how great you feel after giving back to others instead of just using the holiday as an excuse to stuff yourself with turkey.

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While we understand that everyone gets busy around the holiday season (especially if you’re cooking the Thanksgiving meal), there are still ways to help others. We’ve compiled 10 great ideas for giving back, from volunteering at all day events to just spending an hour or two donating food, so everyone can find something for them this year. This year, we’re thankful for great food, good company, and our loving communities, and we can’t wait to spread the holiday cheer with these ideas.