Holiday Party: 12 Days Of Christmas

Who doesn't love the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas?"

Be inspired by this holiday favorite and host your own "12 Days" themed party with 12 of your best friends.

Attire: Suggest that each guest come in costume, inspired by maids-a-milking, pipers piping, lords leaping, or ladies dancing. Coming as a turtle dove or French hen is optional.

Décor: On the table where you will display your food (or the bar), put some birch branches in a tall vase, and nestle a stuffed partridge and two stuffed turtles (with dove wings, of course) in the branches for something fun. From the branches, hang little brass rings (find these at your local hardware store) by fishing line. You can also find chicken, dove, and geese stuffed animals and nestle these around the room, maybe on the couch, or in a surprising place, like the powder room. And, of course, put together a mix of your favorite Christmas songs to play in the background.

Eat: Think 12 different appetizers. Have each guest bring an appetizer — possibly their holiday favorite (just be careful that no one brings the same dish) — to keep with the theme. Coconut Curry Scallops or Asian Crab Rolls are easy to make and perfect for a crowd. Make a rich, indulgent dessert, like chocolate-y Coca-Cola Cake, for a retro twist on everyone's favorite chocolate cake. 

Drink: What holiday party would be complete without bubbly? Fill a metal tub with ice and water, then add bottles of Champagne (if the budget permits) or good-quality Spanish cava or California sparkling wine — and float some rubber duckies (subbing for swans-a-swimming) around them, just for a laugh. 

Activity: To warm up your guests minds, print out the lyrics and join together for a sing-a-long to the "Twelve Days of Christmas" song (taping it on your smartphone is optional). This will help inspire them for the next challenge: create original lyrics for your own "Twelve Days" song, set to the tune of the original song. 

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