Holiday Baking Tips From The Good Batch In Brooklyn

This holiday season, you're sure to be gorging yourself on cookies. But if you plan on baking any for the office, your family, or as gifts, you'll want to make sure they're perfect. There are so many routes to go when it comes to cookies — simple or complex, classic or unique.

"You can never go wrong with the classic holiday flavors like mint, spice, and gooey pecan," The Good Batch owner Anna Gordon explains. In their Virginia Wedding cookie, they use an unconventional combination of pecan, orange, and thyme. There's nothing wrong with throwing a little booze in your treats as well. For instance, the bourbon toffee cookie is "loaded with Maker's Mark and toasted almonds," says Gordon. 

If you're baking for a crowd this season, Gordon says, "Always plan ahead! Try to buy all of your ingredients and supplies that you'll need, from flour to butter to ribbons and tissue paper." To save money, it's better to buy in bulk. It may seem intimidating to make so many cookies for your friends, but it'll pay off when you get to keep the extras. We stopped into The Good Batch production kitchen to see how they do it so seamlessly.